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About Us

We are a super awesome recruitment agency

Need support for IT recruitment projects? We have an ultra-effective style, so here’s why to choose us:


  • We are a remote addition to your sourcing and recruitment team and we completely adjust to your preferred way of working
  • We specialise in converting people into candidates, so you can turn candidates into hires
  • We’ve helped 100+ companies grow their teams
Global Recruitment

Increased reach

Using multiple other channels besides Social Media and recruitment portals to attract candidates

We adapt to your hiring needs

Custom Hiring Process

Specialisation of all personnel in technologies and IT people psychology.

Time saved

We’ve made all the mistakes, we can now meet tough deadlines for hard to fill IT roles.

Candidates not applicants

Candidates, not applicants

High degree profile match of applicants due to our AI powered systems

Reduced risk working with an agency

Reduced risk

Our market specific expertise goes a long way then just confirming the hard skills. We are looking for the perfect cultural and team match.

Candidates not applicants

Never over the budget

Fixed, affordable fees, you may hire as many candidates as you need

What Clients Say

  • We are impressed on the skills and approach to sourcing of VINCI HR recruiters. A team of 3 was assigned to our project and results were astonishing: in just 10 weeks we were able to fill our multiple programmer and project manager roles.

    John Dowson
    CIO Of iFin, Fintech Startup
  • VinciHR was a reliable and professional partner for our recruitment projects. We definitely appreciated their understanding of the IT projects and related roles/needed skills. Their input on the required soft-skills was also a great opportunity to learn a lot more about our future colleagues.

    James Richards
    Founder, HooVoo Media
  • Due to budget constraints related to Covid effects on our market, we were forced to rethink our marketing strategy and partnerships. VinciHR stepped in and helped us identify project-based freelancers to help us implement the new processes and automations. Thank you!

    Rebecca Matthews
    CMO, Booking

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Every hiring process is unique - that's why we adapt to every recruitment process. Save time, save money!